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Image of Honda CR-Z driving down a winding road.
Image of the back of a Honda CR-Z.
Image of CR-Z side profile parked on an incline.
Image of CR-Z interior.
Image of Honda CR-Z side profile.
A new look for a new year.

Say hello to an edgier, more chiselled look. The CR-Z features sharp character lines that take the eye to the eight-point polygon grill. The bold stance starts in the front and goes all the way to the back, creating a planted and sturdy look perfectly complemented by you behind the wheel.

Image of Honda CR-Z at an angle.
Sporty spirit.

We wanted the most noticeable impact of the CR-Z to be on your senses. Well, when it’s playtime, the CR-Z’s sporty good looks and nimble performance will stimulate your sense of fun.

Image of 19-inch aluminum alloy wheel.
A splash of flash.

Although it’s a hybrid, the CR-Z is still about performance and style. That’s why it comes with these eye-catching 17" aluminum-alloy wheels.

Image from the rear.
Shine bright.

On the road, seeing is just as important as being seen. Up front, the High-Intensity Discharge (HID) headlights and LED daytime running lights will help step up your visibility. Around back, the LED brake lights are designed to send a clear signal to those behind you.

Image of the side view mirror.
Its good side is both sides.

Say hello to mirrors that look as good as you do. The integrated turn indicators bring a more refined look to your already refined ride. Signal in style and get there looking your best.

Trim Highlights